Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Which size hoop earrings should you buy? Consult Mostly Sweet Jewelry's hoop sizing guide today!

Over the years, many of my online customers have found it difficult to visualize Mostly Sweet Jewelry's range of hoop sizes. It has not been uncommon for women to use my 100% satisfaction guarantee after receiving their order to swap their hoops for a more suitable size.  I have been longing for a way to simplify the quest for the perfect hoops.

While recently reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to my son, I thought quite a bit about Willie Wonka's nifty invention, Wonkavision.  If only there was a way to zap some actual hoop sizes into an online shoppers hands. After careful consideration of the problem, my team of Oompa Loompas has found the solution.

Mostly Sweet Jewelry's Printable Hoop Size Guide
The revolutionary new hoops sizing guide from Mostly Sweet Jewelry
I introduce to you the Printable Hoop Size Guide. Simply download and print* this PDF, and you will have every size of Mostly Sweet hoops in front of you in actual scale. A few snips with some scissors and you can even try them on!

I hope this will make shopping for your new handmade hoops a even more fun and worry free.

Behind the scenes: Research and Development

*Be sure to print on 8.5"x11" paper, in landscape mode.  Don't let your printer try any of its resizing or cropping tricks - tell it you want "actual size." If you have any doubts if it printed in the correct scale, consult a ruler!